Hello educators!

A happy childhood leads to a happier life
A resourceful website, that is full of fun. An educator’s dream

Hey there, fellow educators! Glad to have you hang by.

I’m Annie and I am here to help. If you are an educator who is busy with too many commitments than you can handle, struggling to manage and fulfil tasks in a timely fashion, or simply looking for new ways to educate and entertain kids, then, this is the place for you.

I am excited to start this journey with you- where we will collaborate together. I will post everything to do with childcare or day-care. You name it. As long as you work with children 0-12 years my posts should help you. Why do I want to extend my experience and help with you is simply because I know what a struggle it can be, especially as a starter educator when writing a learning story is as difficult as writing a 2000 word essay. Not to mention what a strenuous task planning every month can be. You almost want to pull out your hair. Having experienced all of this I learned a lot, but I enjoyed too. Much to my surprise it all got easier and more natural until I started overflowing with ideas. Then of course you want to share what you have grasped with like-minded people, and what better way could that be?

While I am no authority on the subject I feel a great passion for this field. I feel deeply for children because we were once them too. We as parents, guardians, educators and teachers all have a huge responsibility towards children under our care. We either make or break them.

Having this in mind, I want to help you so that we together can make their lives as sweet as a rainbow, and as bright as the sunshine.

Stay tuned for hands-on-activities, savvy set-up ideas and much much more!!

Lots of Love,

Annie XX