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Kids will learn their shapes before you know it: shape monsters craft

Spooky shape monsters craft picture
Spooky Shape Monsters craft

We know we learn better when we like a subject, or it has some sort of relevance to us because, we become engaged and, before we know it we achieve the skill since it no longer remains a task rather, it becomes our passion.

And kids are no different.

I for one, know that kids LOVE monsters. They love the thrill, they’re quirky, freaking scary, and colourful. This monster shape activity is definitely one to capture their attention.  They will engage, show interest and learn in half the time. This will be a crazy fun activity to do with the kids. You’ll get to hear dozens of spooky monster stories. Some from cartoons they have already watched, and others stirred up from their wild imagination. And the best part is, they will learn so much from this one activity- shapes, colours, and lines, and how they all work together to create an image. With an added bonus of fine motor skill exercise 🙂

I have made these monster shapes with dotted lines, so that children can spend more time tracing, and hopefully, grasp the shape better.

What more could you ask for in an activity where there is 100% involvement, interaction, and intentional learning happening, all at once?

All you need for this activity:

  • printed shape monsters
  • a pair of scissors
  • textas or markers, for tracing
  • colour media of choice, we used water paint

Try this shapes activity with your little ones, and let me know how you go in the comments section below.


Annie XX

Access free printables here:

square shape monster

triangle shape monster

rectangle shape monster

circle shape monster

If you would like to teach kids shapes the following are great educational resources you might want to look at. Include them in your day care setting, to further enhance kids understanding of shapes.


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