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Literacy fun with magnet letters

Learning Literacy
Developing Literacy Skills through Play

If you have heard a toddler speak there is one thing you should know by now is that they love to imitate. Whether it is you who they like to imitate or a sibling this is just the beauty of how children learn to speak.

From the time a child is born, every word that is said, is being registered somewhere in their mind and that is how they build a whole dictionary of vocabulary in their minds until they are able to speak fully.

The process of learning continues throughout their life, but it is at this stage that they will grasp the most. Having this in mind, we want to ensure that we provide rich learning experiences through various mediums.

I came up with this one when I saw kids intrigued by the magnets on plastic alphabet letters.

I thought how could I make this into a valuable literacy experience?

That’s right, imitation.

The kids will form words using magnet letters by imitating simple three letter words from flashcards.

And they will also learn what the word means by observing the picture atop each of the words, plus this just increases the engagement factor. After all who does not fancy a colourful picture?

I love incorporating flashcards. That’s why I have stacks of them because they are one of the most versatile resources to invest in.

Children will learn to read by identifying letters to match the words they see. They will spell and recognize sounds as they try to put the word together until they are able to say the whole word together.

We absolutely loved this literacy word match game (especially the magnets!), Please share your experience too down below!


Thanks & Lots of Love,

Annie X





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