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Teaching Children How ‘Being Different is Not a Bad Thing’ in an Easy Peasy Fun Way

Being Different is Not a Bad Thing
Teaching Children to Belong and Feel Comfortable in their Own Skin


Often teaching children big concepts can be difficult like teaching them to share, to tell the truth, and embrace who they are. Telling a story about characters they love, can make it that much easier and effective.


As adults through our share of experiences and exposure to the world, it becomes easier for many of us to accept our identity even though sometimes we struggle through low points. Eventually though, we come out of it and learn to accept our differences and acknowledge others for who they are. Honestly though, this book was an eye opener for me too. It changed my worldview for the better.


Being kids, it is not easy.


Neither to accept a strange looking face is any easier than to survive in a place where they are made to feel isolated because they are different.


So how do we, teach children to understand this idea. And if we did, how much better would the world be?


Literature is a powerful tool to change and shape the way people think. So why not teach the little ones to become more accepting by telling a story of lovely characters who learn to accept.


Now of course, you wont have to get all that creative and come up with your own story. You could by all means, but if you haven’t the time nor the skill to stir up one in your mind then, here’s a suggestion for you!


‘The Bear and the Bees’, by Ella Richardson and Lydia Monks.


This book does just that. It beautifully tells a story of a bear and bees. How one learns to accept their own skin and the other sees the beauty in being different.


After all, if everything were the same then maybe there would be no such thing as colour.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Keep tuned for more, and don’t forget to recommend your faves down below.



Annie Xua






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